Sounds Good Feels Good Classes

Currently running:

    1. Physioflexx, 10 Boyd Street, Prestwick
      more classes are going to be scheduled in Spring 2020
      pre-book your place and send a text message on this number:  07787 446450
    2. Alzheimer’s Scotland, Kilmarnock
      starting 21st of January 2020
      for patients, their family members and carers
      then running every second Tuesday till June 2020
      10 – 12.00 am
      contact John Gray:


Sounds Good Feels Good Classes are designed as a powerful combination of sound healing, body percussion practice and therapeutic singing.

Come and experience the profound positive effects of healing sound, movement and rhythm, breathing exercises, humming, toning and therapeutic singing.

The class includes a brief deep listening practice which can also be described as mindfulness meditation with sound.

Therapeutic sound helps to improve sleep, release stress and lower blood pressure. Body percussion practice helps improve cognitive function and stimulate the creation of neurons. Diaphragmatic breathing is the key to wellbeing while humming and toning release “the happy hormones” in the brain: endorphins, oxytocin.