Weekly Workshops 2022

Currently, Sounds Good Feels Good workshops have been paused due to the pandemic.

Dementia In Scotland Magazine – Autumn 2020

Dementia in Scotland magazine is a way to find out how people’s support and contribution can improve the lives of those who suffer from this debilitating disease. Our Sounds Good Feels Good classes have been featured in the latest issue (101). You can view the article by clicking here. There are many encouraging stories included, so download a copy from https://www.alzscot.org/news/magazine-dementia-in-scotland.


Our typical program for each session:

One of our favourite songs: Garden Song by David Millet

A great Scottish song to clap along: Mairi’s Wedding

Therapeutic singing (toning) and movement as taught by the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST)

Voice Bath Recording

Listen to the voice-bath with good quality headphones, in a relaxed position – sitting or lying with your eyes closed. The purpose of it is to get into a deep relaxation quickly. The deep long tones will relax your body, the higher tones and overtones will relax your mind. The therapeutic percussion sequence will bring you back to a normal state of mind. Enjoy the silence after the voice bath. Stretch gently and drink a glass of water. Hopefully, you will feel refreshed.