Singing led by Kate brings me joy, pleasure and a state of bliss. She knows how to get me there.
The truth is that Kate is the absolute (perfect) teacher who can hear your soul through your voice and your interpretation. She recognizes what bothers you and what you struggle with. She can even identify mental blocks in your subconscious mind. During her lessons, with help of specially designed vocal exercises, she can either dissolve these or let them come to the surface so you can become aware of what type of programs that control your behaviour. You can then get rid of them or turn them to your advantage.
Kate can hear your true voice even under the layers of bad habits and psychological barriers that you collected during your life. With her loving and empathetic approach she makes you sing in a way, you cannot believe it’s you who makes the sound. She makes it possible for you to create and experience beauty. I can only wholeheartedly recommend to you: Sing with Kate!