Sing Like A Lark voice coaching was established in 2013 as a part of training company Growth Inside Out Ltd, founded by Bill and Kate Barbour. Prior to that Kate was coaching in Prague, The Czech Republic, under the name Zpev jako lek (Singing As A Medicine).

The type of voice coaching Kate Barbour offers is based on therapeutic singing school Werbeck and the Czech Signing School developed by Prof Rudolf Vasek. Both schools are complementary to each other because they address the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of singing in the most holistic approach you can think of. Most importantly, both schools are dedicated to helping people to sing regardless of their talents. This is the mission of Sing Like A Lark!

Sing Like A Lark Workshops and Classes are therefore designed for non-singers and singers at all levels. The coaching and exercises promote a healthy way of singing based on proper diaphragmatic breathing and rich vocal resonance. This way of singing is the most beneficial to health while following the process of “uncovering the voice” (Werbeck) and practising basic principles of “beautiful singing” – the meaning of true bel canto. For the sake of clarity and simplicity, Kate structured her coaching around what she called Seven Processes Of Singing.

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