The Brave Voices

Some of my students are brave enough to let me record their singing or (if they sing to entertain others) to publish their performances.

Voice 1 Vera K

She came to me because of serious voice problems related to her health. When her voice recovered (helped with special exercises) the real vocal coaching started. Vera has a beautiful voice but as so many singers, she needed to learn how to relax and stop trying too hard...She also needed to get back to a natural way of breathing which means singing with an active diaphragm. The most important result of the coaching process is that Vera found confidence and enjoys performing with her band. Listen to her singing The Green Fields Of France accompanied by her family band Kocabkovi.

Voice 2: Lenka

Lenka came to me as a non-singer who was told not to sing… Luckily for her she didn’t give up. One day three years ago she found me on the Internet and started vocal coaching with me. This is the result:

Voice 3 Zuzana

Zuzana is a nursery teacher and wanted to gain more confidence in singing to lead singing sessions with children. This video was taken after a seminar when I was working with “fear of public singing”.

On The Wings Of Voice – The Play

In June 2012, all the students of Zpev jako lek (Singing As A Medicine) gathered and some participated at a play that Kate wrote especially for them.