Welcome to Sing Like A Lark website! Here you can find singing workshops and individual coaching classes to help you enjoy singing again. In particular:

1) experience the health benefits of singing
2) find your singing voice (again or for the first time)
3) learn how to sing with freedom

My name is Kate Barbour, I am a voice coach who is passionate about the non-performance side of singing. I call it heart-based singing because its purpose is to experience deep inner joy. My mission is to help people to sing more for themselves and in groups – naturally, without a microphone.

There are many wonderful health benefits of healthy singing, based on natural breathing and unforced vocal resonance. Find out more about my style of coaching by exploring Seven Processes Of Singing. But most of all, come along to my workshops and make singing part of your everyday living (again)!

You don’t need to “sing like a lark” to be “as happy as a lark”; you just need to sing!