Welcome To Sing Like A Lark Coaching!

My mission is to help people discover the healing power of sound and voice, promote healthy breathing and posture, and support creative vocal self-expression for personal growth.

I have always sung with the intention to feel better and to elevate the moods of others. As a young child, I noticed that singing can have amazing positive effects on how people feel. Later on, I experienced that singing is how people connect at a deeper level. This is a phenomenon as old as humankind. The ancient cultures – such as the old Egyptians, Native Americans, Aboriginal tribes, the great yogis and shamans – used the power of sound and voice to heal, manifest, worship and celebrate Life. They all knew from experience that the subtle energy of sound affects our bodies, including our bio-energetic field. It’s fascinating that modern science has finally landed on the same page. It’s been proved over and over that sound can literally create, destroy and change the structure of molecules. Everybody knows about the use of ultrasound in medicine but not everybody is aware of the positive effects of singing on their health.

Singing As Medicine

Holistic therapies – including singing and sound therapy – have grown in popularity in the past decade. Even doctors, in some cases, started prescribing singing instead of pills. When I started my holistic voice coaching in Prague back in April 2009, I called it Singing As Medicine (Zpev jako lek.) I am glad, that singing for wellbeing has finally reached the “mainstream culture”. I hope, in the near future, that more people will have the chance to experience the healing power of their own voice! It’s my mission to be a part of this process and share with people what I learned from the masters and from the many clients I coached.

Group Voice Therapy Workshops

In 2021, I completed a diploma in Group Voice Therapy at the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST). The BAST method is a scientifically-based approach to sound and voice. Here’s a list of workshops that are included in the 2022 workshop plan:

  1. Voice-bath with relaxation
  2. Voice-bath with reflection
  3. Vocal Processing Techniques
  4. Narrative Voicescapes
  5. PramAna: Vocal Sound & Movement

Click here to download a digital flyer.

Sounds Good Feels Good Classes

For many years, I have used Tibetan bowls and overtone singing to relax my clients before they started singing. In other words, I used three types of practices together to maximise the health benefits of singing for my clients. These practices can be called: sound-focused, voice-focused and song-focused. Simply put, it’s a combination of sound healing and singing therapy. Recently, I added body percussion practice when designing Sounds Good Feels Good classes for Alzheimer Scotland.  Click here to find more information about these classes.