Why Sing Like a Lark?

The name includes many layers of symbolism. For example, the lark is the only bird that can sing while flying. Flying symbolises freedom. Also, there is a saying you probably heard before: “happy as a lark”.  Did you know that larks can imitate very well other birds’ songs?  All these interesting traits and qualities made larks great messengers in religion and mythology.

Larks have a crescent shape across their breasts. It’s in the shape of the moon which, in the world of symbolism, is linked with the concept of self.  Therefore, the lark reflects the inner journey that leads to self-discovery.

Holistic Voice Coaching

I help people to find their authentic (true) voice through vocal exercises that have a positive impact on both the singing and speaking voice. I work with all people who want to find their true voice regardless of their singing and musical abilities. This is why the label voice coaching is much closer to what I really do than the label singing teacher. I also coach people to find their true self-expression and style of singing. My main focus isn’t culture and style. It is the unique quality of individual voice together with psychological and physical benefits of singing. I call this the inside-out approach. Each person can then decide what types of songs and vocal expression is best for them.

Who are my clients?

I have clients, who in their early years were told to forget about singing. But their desire to sing never died. My clients include teachers, sports coaches, interpreters, receptionists, actors, and people from other professions. They visit me, because they suffer from voice strain and need to be voice fit. Others come to me because they want to find their true voice and therefore themselves. Most people find my voice coaching methods to be a fantastic way of relaxing and having fun. Singers also join my classes to develop their voices, get rid of mental and physical obstacles, and to give their vocal cords a boost. Each person comes with a different story, different needs/ experience and different levels of ability. I treat everyone as a unique individual because that’s the only way one’s voice can be liberated and developed. Read what my clients have to say about it.

How Do I Work?

The way I work is best described as discovering and developing your true voice. It’s based on special breathing and resonating exercises, which bring a new quality to your voice, and will have a positive impact on your overall well-being. It’s all about tuning your mind and body into a relaxed state. In this state, you develop an ability to use your voice with ease, both for speaking and singing. This approach is beneficial for all the three groups: singers, non-singers and professional speakers.

I work with individuals, couples (e.g. mothers and daughters) and groups. Together we uncover the unique quality of each voice, which for many people remains hidden and dormant. With each client, I create a set of individual exercises, which correspondent with her/his needs and life situation. These exercises have an overall impact on both their singing voice and speaking voice. This is why it doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not. If you were told you don’t have musical ear you should know that most of my clients improve their intonation very quickly and that there are very few people in each population who are truly tone deaf.

During the singing sessions I do not correct mistakes, instead, I teach people how to find a connection between a feeling and a sound. The art of relaxed concentration (mindfulness) and listening brings far better results than hard effort, correction of mistakes and the desire to satisfy a teacher.

Do you have a more serious problem with your voice?

When I detect a voice problem that indicates a malfunction of vocal cords, I leave that for a voice (medical) specialist. However, I can always offer special exercises, which contribute to the regeneration of vocal cords. You can find out more about it in my clients’ stories. Even more important in the singing therapy and discovering your voice is a very effective prevention of the common voice problems. And that’s only one of the positive aspects of this holistic approach to improving your voice. Read about all the benefits healthy singing can give you here.