Voice Consciousness and Singing

Streamed live on 10 Apr 2014
+Kate Barbour and +Adelheid Hörnlein talked about the potential of our human voice and how working with the voice can evolve your consciousness, your physical, mental and psychological awareness combined with the connection of your soul: an enjoyable way of self-evolution.

Sing Like a Lark – how to sing and live from your heart

Streamed live on 3 Apr 2014
This week in “Connections” Heidi will talk with a special guest, Kate Barbour, about Authentic Voice in Singing and how singing can enhance our lives.

We are going to talk about how to use our voice to experience a state of being that brings us back Home – to who we really are. Kate will take us through the 7 processes involved in singing that not only help us to connect with our authentic self – and authentic voice, but also open the door to realizing our vocal potential. At the same time, all the 7 process contribute directly to improve our well-being and health! Kate will give practical examples and case studies from her own experience as a voice coach and singer.