Find Your Voice – Find Yourself!
When I speak about the IDEAL VOICE I mean the potential of every human voice that can be unleashed. An ideal voice is:

AUTHENTIC = free from manipulation using your natural and inherit qualities

HEALTHY = free from symptoms of overuse

RESONANT = free from sluggishness and supported by breath

BEAUTIFUL = free from blockages (physical and psychological)

RELAXED = free from negative emotions (fear, aggression)

The reason I use the word Ideal is because in our modern society we are surrounded by voices that often are far away from what can be called healthy, resonant or relaxed. Why do many people in the media lack authenticity and speak with a voice which isn’t their? Why are there so many singers trying to create a cool voice by damaging it?

So I use the word IDEAL to show the potential of your voice. The ideal isn’t about searching for something outside of you but finding it inside you instead. Helping you on the way is my role as a voice coach!You can find your ideal voice by practicing special vocal exercises. The effects are the same for both your speaking and singing voice! If there is a big difference between the sound of your voice when you speak and when you sing, it is an indication of an unbalanced use of voice… If you are a singer it is double so important to know your ideal voice before you start developing vocal technique. Otherwise your voice will suffer from all sorts of vocal overuse which will limit your performance and enjoyment!

Remember: Your ideal voice will not sound ideal for everyone. It is only a label for the best voice you can have and be!

Which of the qualities of the Ideal Voice do you miss? Maybe you don’t know your authentic voice because you have been imitating voices of successful singers in your culture and style. Or you might be so afraid that it is impossible for you to release your voice freely. Or you have been singing professionally for years and your voice sounds tired now… Or you would like to sing but were told you can’t. As the result you don’t know your voice at all. These are typical reasons why people come to me and ask for vocal coaching.