What If There Was A Hidden Treasure In Your Voice?

I can teach you how to connect with your true voice and use it as an INSTRUMENT for

1) effortless singing from your heart
2) improving your well-being
3) your personal growth

To be more precise: when you get rid of all the inhibitors and start singing with an effortless flow, from your heart – then you also realize that practising singing changes how you breathe and how you feel inside. This way of using your voice brings you the benefits number 2 and 3. In other words,  you will just harvest what you sow. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

Your Taster of Sing Like A Lark!

Your Free Video Gift: Benefits Of Finding Your True Voice


It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are Right Now

It doesn’t matter where you are right now as a singer and human being. The things you are going to learn with me have so much to do with taking care of and evolving your Instrument – which is You. Your voice is both a tangible and intangible part of you. I believe there is a great possibility that you have neglected, ignored and maybe even misused your voice. Maybe you were told at school or at home to shut up, to stop singing…

I can promise that when you discover how much energy and joy is hidden in your own voice and how it can change your life for the better you will be so amazed. However, not every singing gives us the experience of transformation! It only happens when you connect with your true voice – which happens through a deep connection with your body and breathing.

Are you interested in having me as a vocal coach? I am based in Scotland and also do coaching  in Prague. Please contact me via email: info@singlikealark.com.

If you like to know how I discovered the amazing energy that everybody who is interested can find in her/his voice, please Check out my book On The Wings Of Voice on Amazon Kindle. You will find out how my approach to coaching evolved into the 7 processes of singing.