Voice Lab Sessions For Uncovering Your Voice

In these sessions I will help you to become your own voice laboratory. I will help you to relax and optimise your breathing patters, so we can discover new qualities in your voice that you didn't know you had. Together, we take away all the obstacle and uncover your unique sound - your voice signature. Whatever purpose and style of singing you choose, you will have more tools and understanding of your voice to make your singing a wonderful experience. This is the key to become a confident singer. Besides, you will learn how to release your voice effortlessly so you can harvest all the health benefits of singing.

Who is it for?

Anybody who feels that there is more to their voice than how it sounds and feels at the moment. Also, for you who feels stuck in a rutt and want to experience more while singing and get rid of unpleasant limitations.

You will have an opportunity to record your voice before and after the voice lab sessions to hear the difference!!

£100 for 3 x 60 minutes sessions.