Why Joining Voice-Bath Sessions?

There are many wonderful benefits with health and wellbeing that can be achieved with therapeutic voice-bath:

  • A smooth and gentle process into deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness (ASC)
  • Vocal sounds that have a calming effect on your nervous system (toning and overtone singing)
  • It helps reduce anxiety and release physical tension
  • It supports self-healing processes
  • In some cases, it can even relief pain
  • A voice-bath with reflection can help resolve mental blockages and release negative emotions

Free Online Sessions on Zoom – Every Thursday 7 – 8 pm

Are you interested in practising therapeutic singing and receiving a therapeutic voice-bath? Join my weekly ‘drop-in’ sessions every Thursday from 7 to 8 pm, London time. Our main theme is about the benefits, process and practice of a therapeutic voice-bath – as designed by the British Academy of Sound Therapy. BAST is currently running a research project exploring the therapeutic benefits of a therapeutic voice-bath. Please, contact me via email: kate@singlikealark.com – to receive an invitation to the Zoom sessions.

Listen To A Voice-Bath Now!

If you want to experience the benefits right now, please put your good headphones on, find a comfortable place to sit or lie and enjoy the recorded voice bath below. Please, don’t listen to the voice bath while driving or doing anything that requires your attention. The sounds will take you to a deep state of relaxation after a few minutes. Therefore, the best time to listen to it is when you need a rest (not sleep).

Watch Short Videos With Our Weekly Topic

Are you interested in joining but the time doesn’t suit you? You can also watch short, topical videos as shown below:
Overview – Week 1: 3rd of September 2020
What Is Healing? – Week 2: 10th of September 2020
Natural Breathing – Week 3: 17th of September 2020
The 5Rs Model of Healing – Week 4: 24th of September 2020