Call for Volunteers

First of all, thank you for coming here to this website. Thank you for being interested in volunteering in free group voice therapy sessions that will be launched in June 2021. In these sessions, you will be able to experience the benefits of singing, vocalising, movement, breathwork and therapeutic sound. I am really looking forward to meeting you in person! Meanwhile, here’s some important info you might be interested in:

My name’s Kate Barbour, the founder of Sing Like a Lark. I am currently studying with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) for a diploma in Group Voice Therapy. I have been providing voice therapy sessions and voice coaching for over one decade now. The BAST method I’ve learned has been practised and researched for over two decades. Now, I have the opportunity for using these amazing sound, movement and voice methods for clients and volunteers of Alzheimer Scotland and No-One Dies Alone Ayrshire – the two charities that I have been cooperating with for the past two years.

Outdoor Sessions

As soon as there is a green light given for small groups gathering and singing outdoors, you’ll be able to book your place for outdoor sessions. There will be 6 outdoors sessions in total, each type of the following workshops will take place two times:

1) Narrative Soundscapes (great for releasing difficult emotions)
2) Vowel Sounds and Movements (PranAma) – click here to watch a demo video
3) Vocal processing techniques (group singing that is great for boosting overall well-being, includes breathing and vocal exercises)


Indoor Sessions: Enjoy the Benefits of Receiving a Voice-Bath

There will be three free Voice-Bath sessions organised in Summer 2021. If you join it you will be asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire. You can listen to a recorded voice-bath at the bottom of this page. That will give you an idea of the benefits you could be harnessing if you participated in the session (which takes ca 60 minutes).

There are many wonderful benefits with health and wellbeing that can be achieved with therapeutic voice-bath:

  • A smooth and gentle process into deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness (ASC)
  • Vocal sounds that have a calming effect on your nervous system (toning and overtone singing)
  • It helps reduce anxiety and release physical tension
  • It supports self-healing processes
  • In some cases, it can even relieve pain
  • A voice-bath with reflection can help resolve mental blockages and release negative emotions


Listen To A Voice-Bath Now!

If you want to experience the benefits right now, please put your good headphones on, find a comfortable place to sit or lie and enjoy the recorded voice bath below. Please, don’t listen to the voice bath while driving or doing anything that requires your attention. The sounds will take you to a deep state of relaxation after a few minutes. Therefore, the best time to listen to it is when you need a rest (not sleep).