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Are you looking to improve your voice, reduce stress, and communicate more authentically and confidently? Look no further than Sing Like A Lark holistic voice coaching. You can choose among the following coaching sessions:

  1. One-to-one Holistic Voice Coaching classes, currently only online
  2. Group Voice Therapy workshops and classes
  3. Voice Yoga classes
  4. Free 30-minute online consultation

Hi, my name is Kate Barbour and I’ve been a holistic voice coach since 2008. My classes have been appreciated by clients from all walks of life. Some of them classified themselves as “non-singers” others had singing as a serious hobby or wanted to become professional.

My coaching approach focuses on the whole person – the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each individual – and how they interact with their environment. During my one-to-one sessions, I will work with you to develop and improve your voice, while also addressing other aspects that can affect your voice, such as stress, tension, and breath control. In my class, you will learn exercises, techniques, and guidance on posture, breathing, relaxation, and self-awareness, as well as guidance on how to use your voice in different contexts, such as public speaking or singing.

Online Holistic Voice Classes

Since 2021 I’ve started conducting classes online which can be just as effective and personalized as in-person sessions, so you can enjoy the benefits of my coaching no matter where you are.

To book your one-to-one holistic voice coaching class, simply follow this link to book your space through Calendly online calendar. look forward to helping you find your authentic voice and improve your overall well-being. Don’t hesitate to book your class today and start your journey to more confident and authentic communication.

Sing Like A Lark Coaching

In the last fifteen years, I’ve studied many different techniques and approaches to improve and deepened my coaching practice. It includes the school of Rudolf Vasek, Werbeck, Yoga, Sound Healing Therapy, Group Voice Therapy and individual sessions with other holistic voice coaches. This combination of techniques allows for a comprehensive approach to voice training, addressing not only the technical aspects of voice production but also the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects that affect the voice. Holistic voice coaching aims to empower individuals to develop their singing voice and find their own unique expression, allowing them to communicate in a more authentic and confident way.

Seven Processes of Holistic Singing

In holistic voice coaching, the body-mind connection underpins all the exercises. This approach is all based on the latest research as well as 5000 years old experiential knowledge found in the yogic tradition. To make this more accessible and practical for my clients, I’ve developed a simple framework that helps to explain and organise all the exercises according to the individual needs of each client. The framework includes seven processes of holistic singing that encompass physical, mental and emotional aspects of singing. The ultimate goal of holistic singing is to uncover the unique qualities of the voice and help the student experience freedom in authentic vocal self-expression.