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Currently I am singing and coaching in Scotland and the Czech Republic, preparing online program and self-home study video series to reach a wider audience. Last year I published a book On The Wings Of Voice on Amazon Kindle. I’ve also started to give concerts with the same name to inspire people to sing more and appreciate the gift of having a voice…

Singing has always been my “side career” since the school years. I was born in Prague in the late sixties and left Czechoslovakia when I was 23 years old. I went to Sweden and studied music and singing at Sodra Vatterbygdens Folkhogskola for 2 years, wanted to continue my studies at Gothenborg’s Music Academy but didn’t make it to the top 3 out of 120 applicants (!!!) So I got a pianist and gave performances at churches and other venues in South of Sweden while studying for a degree in Media & Communication. That’s where I found my other passions: psychology of learning and technology.

When I  moved with my Scottish husband to Scotland (2001) I became a computer trainer while giving concerts, singing soprano parts in choral performances, participating in Ruthven Music Festival for three years, and recording my first CD  Over The Moon. The 10-years’ experience of running training courses, learning languages and getting in touch with different cultural styles of singing was a great preparation for me to become a better singer and a voice coach. (Of course, during these years I also participated in master classes – with Raimund Herincx, and continued to take private singing classes with Alison McDonald.)

There Is No Learning Without Failing!
Before I realized that coaching people to find their true voice is my call in life, I had to go through a painful experience of almost losing my voice. In spite of the pain it turned to be a great opportunity for me to learn about the human voice and singing at much deeper level as I could have imagined. I took course at Werbeck singing and after that for 2 years I was privately taught a method based on Italian-German singing school, enhanced and developed by a famous Czech voice teacher Rudolf Vašek.

My singing has improved and changed to the degree that people started to ask me for singing lessons after giving a performance. It’s been more than 4 years now and I’ve already helped over 100 people to explore and develop their genuine, authentic voices. I have some well-tested and proven ways of coaching while staying open and experimenting with my own voice to find new exercises and ways of releasing and developing once true voice. I wrote and published a book about it On The Wings Of Voice.

I’ve designed this website and produced all the videos myself. The idea behind the design is that a lark sings in the clouds… another idea is that singing  gives us wings so we can get “a bird’s perspective” on our lives…

Kate Barbour © 2014