Here you can read what my clients say.

Because Kate doesn’t use only her listening skills but also her intuition, I can trust her – that’s what it is about. Without trust you cannot move forward! This is why I go to Kate and not to anybody else.


Singing has really a higher meaning in our lives. That’s why I am so happy to be able to walk on this path with you. The way you do it resonates with me! Thank you so much for all the lessons we've had together.


Kates’ lessons give me strength and energy. I am a non-singer and have huge blocks when it comes to singing. However, Kate can take these blocks away with her gentle and fine methods. Her breathing exercises and mantra singing she taught me are a great help in my life. I am very grateful for that!


Due to what I learned from Kate my singing transformed and another and better dimensions opened for me – apart from the healing effects. Thank you so much for that!


Thank you Kate for helping me (and others) find my natural voice and open my heart.


Singing led by Kate brings me joy, pleasure and state of bliss. She knows how to get me there.


Singing and music is my everything!

Ruda S

"I don't need to worry about suffering from hoarseness after the choir rehearsals any more. Besides I have discovered a voice in me that I didn't know I had.


"I really enjoy my singing classes because it helped give me confidence in my voice and taught me ways to practice my singing. I also got great feedback about my live performances and recordings!"


"I came to Kate as a Non Singer who had a desire to know her voice. Surprisingly I found a lost treasure. I found a child-like enthusiasm and joy that nobody can take away from me!"


"Finding my own voice is a real adventure for me. Besides singing from the heart is pure joy!"


"I am liberating myself, therefore I am liberating my voice!".


"I want to find the hidden qualities of my voice and let it bloom. Surprisingly people know so little about the treasure they all have: the human voice!"


"Kate uses a method which is gentle to my voice. I find her classes refrehing and relaxing."


"My voice lets me experience dimensions of life that those who don't sing cannot understand."