My Story In Brief

This is my life story in brief. I am Kate Barbour, presently living in Ayrshire, Scotland. I’m a native of Prague, the Czech Republic who has also lived in Sweden, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Though I speak three languages fluently, I communicate best with others through the universal language of singing and music.

I consider my singing voice to be my most treasured gift. Singing has helped me through deep sorrows and losses as well as releasing suppressed anger. Above all, singing helps me share the beauty and love I feel in my heart.

I lost my voice many times but always found it again. Every time my voice returned to me I experienced much deeper joy. Maybe this is why I am able to help others find their voices (again). You see, connecting with one’s inner joy through singing is like enjoying heaven on earth!

Music And Singing Studies

Other Studies

  • BSc in Psychology, Media and Communication Degree, Jonkoping University, Sweden
  • MSc in Information Technology, University of Abertay, Dundee, United Kingdom

Soloist With:

  • Angus Strathspey Society
  • Angus Choral Society
  • Angus Voices
  • Ruthven Music Festival
  • Church Of St Salvator Choir (Prague)
  • Church Of St Martin In the Wall (Prague)
  • Church Of St Ignatius Choir (Prague)

Coaching, Training, Educating

  • Angus Community Learning Center (tutor)
  • The University of Abertay, Dundee (lecturer)
  • Tandem Language School, Prague (tutor)
  • Harmony DZ, Prague (voice coach)
  • Centrum Beranek, Prague (holistic voice coach)
  • The Prague Lady Teachers Choir (holistic voice coach)
  • Alzheimer’s Scotland (group voice therapist)
  • Preply (ESL tutor)