On the Wings of Voice

© 2013


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Every year for the past five years in early spring a blackbird has perched himself on the tree outside our window. It warms my spirit to listen to him singing his heart out from dawn till dusk. I suppose he’s singing to woo his love-bird. The fact that his love-heart invariably keeps him waiting for at least two months before arriving doesn’t put him off his constant singing. He never quits. Singing is what he does; singing is natural to him. Or maybe he just sings because he can.

I often wonder if he knows how melodiously he sings in the clear air of the day. Unlike most adults, he doesn’t seem to have any reservations or hang-ups about singing. You see, singing is part of his natural habitat; singing is his way of being; and singing is what he does… from his heart. And so, he sings with confidence, with gusto, and with complete freedom!

Are you like this blackbird? Do you sing from your heart, with joy, naturally? Or, like so many adults, are you afraid to sing for all sorts of reasons? Continue reading here