Sing With Freedom Classes: Who Is It For?

I regularly meet both amateur and professional singers who complain about problems with their voices. They usually blame it on bad technique or problems with their vocal cords. As these issues are always interconnected, there is no way to fix them with one “miracle cure” or exercise. Instead, I offer something even more radical. I show them how to go back to basics and reconnect with the treasure their natural voice has to offer them!

Sing With Freedom classes are designed to help singers at different levels and styles to re-discover the joy of singing through activating three fundamental singing principles: 1) Natural Breathing; 2) Resonance; and 3) Flow.
Instead of re-training, fixing, and re-learning, my clients are stimulated to discover new qualities in their singing voices. This helps them become more self-motivated and determined to change their way of singing in a way that allows their “new” voice to emerge.

Individual Classes

Dates and places will be available soon.

£35 per hour for 60 minutes.

Group Classes

will be updated soon