Sing With Freedom Classes

Who Is It For

Sing With Freedom classes are designed to help singers at different levels and styles to re-discover the joy of singing through activating three fundamental singing principles: 1) Natural Breathing; 2) Resonance; and 3) Flow.

I often meet both amateur and professional singers who complain about problems with their voices. They usually blame it on bad technique or problems with their vocal cords. As these issues are always interconnected, there is no way to fix them with one “miracle cure” or exercise. Instead, I show them how to go back to basics and reconnect with their natural voice through humming and toning practice.

Eliminating Obstacles First

Instead of re-training, fixing, and re-learning, my clients are stimulated to discover new qualities in their singing voices. They are encouraged to release physical and mental obstacles that limit their vocal expression. This usually works very effectively as they become more self-motivated and determined to change their way of singing and let the “new” voice to emerge. The physical and mental obstacles will eventually melt away. As a result, many of my clients experience a great sense of freedom when they sing.

Unique Vocal Exercises

There is a unique, gentle method of training a singing voice that was developed in Germany 80 years ago by Paul Bruns. One of his eager students was a Czech music teacher and singer Rudolf Vasek. He brought this method to Czechia and helped hundreds of people to become excellent singers, including world-famous opera singers. The approach and vocal exercises remind of yoga and pilates, combined with quantum physics. It’s based on minimal tones and residual breath exercises. Besides, it’s so easy to practice anywhere you are as the minimal tones are so soft and quiet. “The smaller the tones the bigger are the results.”, said, professor Vasek 50 years ago. As we are entering the new era of energy medicine, this method makes more sense than ever. The body, including our vocal cords, do respond very well to subtle energies.

The minimal tones training makes vocal cords flexible and the resonance clear and strong.  At the same time, you can achieve brilliance through advanced breathing technique (“minimal luft”). The throat is open and relaxed, so the vocal sound can flow out without distortion. Nothing can better describe the lovely feeling than “freedom”.

Individual Classes

Currently only online – Zoom sessions.

£35 per hour for 60 minutes.