What Is Healing?

Here’s the video that explains what healing is in the context of sound and voice bath.

Here’s the video transcript:

Sound and singing have the incredible ability to support healing at many levels. In my coaching practice, I have been using both sound and singing as a healing modality with some remarkable healing effects. These healing effects took place at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Sometimes, the client had a spiritual experience that changed her way of looking at herself which changed her physical state and conditions. In other words, the healing at one level affects all the other levels.

But healing can mean different things to different people. So, ‘What is healing?’ ‘Healing is a process of recovery, a process of getting better. When you cut your finger, you can see the self-healing mechanism that is inbuilt in your body very clearly. It’s harder to see how we recover from emotional wounds and self-destructive thought constructs. These kinds of injuries manifest at the physical level too – but not everyone is able to see the connection between the physical symptoms and the invisible mind.
Sound and especially the vibrations of the human voice can have a great effect on us at all levels, including the spiritual level – which is about our connection to each other and the universe.

I’ve seen people getting rid of a headache after 3 minutes of humming. I had a few clients who suffered from severe asthma before they started individual classes with me and who were able to minimise the use of medication after a year of therapeutic singing practice. There are many other cases I could be talking about but maybe another time. Still, I have never regarded myself as a healer but I have been able to use my voice in the way that helped people to relax. I am also glad I have succeeded to teach my clients how to use their voices to feel better and to support their healing process.

The sound of your own voice can make you feel energised and refreshed when you use it for therapeutic outcomes. Of course, singing your favourite song along with the radio is great for you too. But it becomes far more profound when you can sing long, prolonged tones on different vowels and use your diaphragm during the process. We call this toning. Toning affects you in two different ways: it can help you to harmonise your energy centres – also called chakras and it can bring your brain into a deep, relaxed state – known as the altered state of consciousness. In this state, the self-healing mechanism can work its magic. In other words, the sound slows down the brainwaves and enables the healing process to take place.
As we have chosen to explore the benefits, process and practice of a voice-bath we aren’t going to speak much about energy healing and chakras. We will focus on how a voice-bath can induce an altered state of consciousness that supports the self-healing process.
I want to finish this presentation with a quote by a sound practitioner whose name is Olivea Dewhurst-Maddock: