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    A safe place where you can let go of fear and start singing
  • The human voice needs no ‘training’ – it is already there, finished, and perfect as an entity sounding in an ideal world. What it waits for is – liberation!”
    Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström

Do you want to sing from your heart with confidence?

Science says singing is good for anyone no matter how little talent people have. Our ancestors knew this intuitively, hence there was a huge folk singing tradition way back before the invention of TV. However, the most important thing is to sing from your heart and with confidence, expressing who you are. That’s something many people would like to do but find it very difficult because of fear of being ridiculed. This kind of fear can be so big that singing becomes a struggle instead of something joyful. Unfortunately, we are the only self-conscious creatures when it comes to this. So, how about singing as fearlessly and beautifully as a lark?

You can join me at the VoiceLab at CentreStage Kilmarnock where you can explore your voice in a safe environment, with great acoustics and support from a qualified holistic voice coach with 13 years of experience. The thing is that this kind of fear is a learned behaviour that can be unlearned. Are you ready to get your confidence back?

You can book online or contact me on 07787 446 450.

The price of 60 minutes of coaching is £30. And you can bring up to two friends with you to share the cost!