Singing led by Kate brings me joy, pleasure and state of bliss. She knows how to get me there.
The truth is that Kate is the absolute (perfect) teacher who can hear your soul through your voice and your interpretation. She recognizes what bothers you and what you struggle with. She can even identify mental blocks in your subconscious mind. During her lessons, with help of specially designed vocal exercises, she can either dissolve these or let them come to the surface so you can become aware of what type of programs that control your behavior. You can then get rid of them or turn them to your advantage.
Kate can hear your true voice even under the layers of bad habits and psychological barriers that you collected during your life. With her loving and empathetic approach she makes you sing in a way you cannot believe it’s you who makes the sound. She makes it possible for you to create and experience beauty. I can only whole-heartedly recommend to you: Sing with Kate!

It has been three years since I started taking singing lessons with Kate. We started with singing and now we are concentrating only on my psychological blocks regarding performance. I believe that anyone who works with people should have the ability to listen to her clients. That is a half of success. It is only then you can really help another person and let him/her grow. Kate can just do that! I wouldn’t go to anybody with an attitude: “pay and here are exercises you should do no matter if you have problems with them or not.” I think such approach is inappropriate and leads to voice problems rather than help. Because Kate doesn’t use only her listening skills but also her intuition, I can trust her – that’s what it is about. Without trust you cannot move forward! This is why I go to Kate and not to anybody else.

Dear Kate, I would like to thank you for your special vocal therapy that has so little to do with the classical voice re-education approach. Your method is meaningful, logical and enjoyable. It is a combination of ideas, life philosophy, optimism, play, breathing, singing and last but not least an approach to human voice. It is good to know there are people there who see a human being as a whole and understand that everything is interconnected. The classical voice therapy, as I experienced it, is just dry and boring learning of something that only few really understand. That’s why the success rate is often much lower than the involved parties would like to have. I wish there were more individuals like you! I am grateful for meeting you and having the opportunity to work with you. I believe in miracles in spite of my past experiences!

After 15 years I decided to sing again and wake up my voice once more. Therefore I am so glad I met you. Singing with your coaching brings me joy, especially the joy of making small steps towards singing and connecting with my heart without judging myself for not being a singer. I wouldn’t believe how many questions about me could singing reveal. I wouldn’t believe how much singing would help me with self-awareness and how powerful it is for getting rid of sadness which is so good for health. Singing has really a higher meaning in our lives. That’s why I am so happy to be able to walk on this path with you. It’s how you do it and it resonates with me! Thank you so much for lessons spent with you.

Thanks to Kate who helped me to find my authentic voice. I have enjoyed singing since my childhood. However, I often felt as if I wasn’t using my own voice, but something which existed only on the surface. I felt that my real voice lived somewhere deep inside me, locked in a cage. This cage was programmed and put into my mind by those who brought me up.

Gradually, with help of specific exercises, relaxed mind, self-reflection and my desire to sing as I feel, my real voice started to emerge. Therefore I am very grateful to Kate as she helped me (and others) not only find my authentic voice but also connect deeper with my heart.