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Singing is a very basic way that we use to communicate, relax, entertain, worship, and heal. Just like DNA or fingerprints, every voice is unique. This makes voice coaching an intricate process that requires knowledge, skills, intuition, and empathy. This means that every voice coach develops a unique approach to their practices, which focus on certain aspects of voice and singing.

Sing Like A Lark coaching provides three interrelated core courses. These courses are different in that each of them starts from a certain place depending on your intention or goal for singing. For example:

Sing For Health And Happiness is a good place to start if you want to bring more energy, vitality, and inner joy into your living.

Find Your Voice would suit you if you are keen to explore the quality and possibilities of your voice. This course is especially useful if you are a complete beginner or if you consider yourself to be a non-singer.

Sing With Freedom is a course if you are an active singer as a soloist or vocalist in a band, or if you sing with a choir. It is perfect for you if you feel restricted in your vocal expression due to a lack of technique or problems with your voice.

No matter which of these courses suits you best, you will be guided through the seven processes of healthy singing. At the end of the learning process, you should be able to find your voice, sing with freedom, and harvest the many health benefits of singing!

If you are interested in asking me any questions on any of the above courses, or in receiving a free 30-minute consultation over Skype or Facebook Messenger, do so by joining Sing Like A Lark Voice Lab on Facebook!

Sing For Health And Happiness

Find Your Voice

Sing With Freedom

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