Sing Like A Lark Coaching

Singing is a very basic way that we use to communicate, relax, entertain, worship, and heal. Just like DNA or fingerprints, every voice is unique. This makes voice coaching an intricate process that requires knowledge, skills, intuition, and empathy. This means that every voice coach develops a unique approach to their practices, which focus on certain aspects of voice and singing.

Sing Like A Lark coaching provides three interrelated core courses. These courses are different in that each of them starts from a certain place depending on your intention or goal for singing. For example:

Sounds Good Feels Good is a name for group classes designed to serve to a specific group. Currently (2020), I am delivering these classes for Alzheimer Scotland in Kilmarnock, Ayr and Cumnock.

Find Your Voice are individual classes to help clients to find and develop their voices. These classes are especially useful if you are a complete beginner or if you consider yourself to be a non-singer. You can book sessions in Physioflexx, Prestwick.

Sound Healing Group – exploring how your voice and therapeutic sound can improve your wellbeing.

Sounds Good Feels Good

Sound Healing Group

Find Your Voice

Voice Lab